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Brandon Ethridge has created almost 100 Musical Memes since his first viral video: "I Got Maced."

Ranging from hilarious to disturbing (mostly hilarious), Brandon's Musical Memes give popular internet memes new life. Brandon mimics the speaking style, pitch and rhythm of his subjects on the piano. The result seems almost miraculous: the subjects suddenly seem to be singing instead of talking. (Or yelling.)

Musical Memes have been viewed over 40 million times on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and they have been broadcast on CBS Sports (March Madness) and NPR. 


Brandon also performs his Musical Memes live in concert on the piano in front of a projection screen.


For live bookings and other inquiries, contact Brandon at:



Brandon Ethridge is a pianist, conductor, composer, music director, Broadway musician, and the creator of Musical Memes. 
He studied classical piano performance at Arizona State University and at the Lübeck Conservatory of Music in Germany. Since then, he has had a globe-trotting music career spanning many musical styles in a variety of roles. 
He began his career performing and composing music for German language theater in Lübeck, Germany. Thereafter he was the musical director and conductor of numerous musical theater productions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States, including School of Rock on Broadway where he served as associate conductor. He is currently the music director and pianist of One Vision Of Queen, with whom he has performed the music of the rock band, Queen, in more than 40 countries. 
Brandon is the creator of Musical Memes, in which he plays piano to popular videos found on the internet. His creations have been viewed over 40 million times on social media. He has performed on American Idol, CBS's live broadcast of March Madness, and NPR. 

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